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Introduction to Truly Rich Club

Greetings all, I have set up this website to guide our fellow OFW’s on how to invest in the Philippine Stock Market. Most of them, do not invest in the stock market because they are a bit skeptical and afraid that they will only lose all their hard earned money if they just invest to it. Most of them think that it is impossible to get rich in the stock market and this is only for those who are rich and smart ones. For them, investing in the stock market is like gambling. It is better to put money in the bank rather than to gamble it in the Philippine Stock Exchange Inc.

It is a sad fact that only less than 1 percent of Filipinos invest in the stock market unlike in the USA, more than 50% of the population invest. Who can blame them? Even me, I only started investing in the stock market few months back. I don’t know where to start or how to invest in the stock market. I’m busy at my work and I have no time to study. There are hundreds of books, thousand of videos and tons of information about investing and buying stocks. You will only have information overload. Stock Market will not be one of my investment arsenal if I haven’t stumble upon the Truly Rich Club.

What is this club? This club is founded by Eugenio Sanchez Jr. or widely known as Bro. Bo Sanchez. He is a preacher, best selling author, an entrepreneur, financial adviser, lay minister and renowned speaker in the Philippines. He is also known as Preacher in Blue Jeans. He created Truly Rich Club not only to teach you how to earn money but to have an spiritual abundance as well. This club will help you develop an abundance mindset and give you financial literacy so that you can retire as a multimillionaire. And this is not just only about you to become rich, this is about you becoming rich so that you can richly bless others. Help other people, build a foundation, give to the charity, sponsor a child to study, lift up the poor, become a blessing to so many people. This is our club, this is the truly rich club.

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