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Why should OFW’s invest in the Philippine stock market?

July 13th, 2015


Every year, many Filipinos go abroad in search for opportunities to make their dreams come true. They leave their family behind due to higher wages, save money and have a better life. They want to become rich. But it’s sad to say some of them are not lucky. What they dream about working abroad is a nightmare. Aside from underemployment, some of them got abused physically and mentally. They take the risk to go abroad just to secure the future of their loved ones.

In spite of these risk involved, their hardships just go to waste. Many are still unable to save money and can’t go back home because they are unprepared. They don’t have enough cash to start a business despite of their big salaries abroad. Not only this, most of them have loans and debts that’s why all of their salary goes to the bank and they are left empty handed. The major reason for this is they don’t know how to manage their financial resources. They just work, send money home and spend. Most of them and their families lived in luxury, gadgets, and shopping malls. These mistakes must be stopped right now. We should be smart and start investing. We should find a way to double our earning power so that we can go back home early. Either having a business, a sideline or other form of investment.

One of the good option for investment is the Philippine Stock Market. You can do it online. There are many stock brokers online like COL Financial, BPI Securities Corporation, First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp and many others which are accredited by the Philippine Stock Exchange. Just fill up their downloadable forms, attach a copy of ID and billing statement and send it to their office. That’s how easy it is.

Another good thing about stock market is you don’t need a big capital to start, you don’t need employees, and you don’t need space for rent. You can do transaction by phone or laptop if you have internet connection. You will also have a privacy so that your relatives don’t know that you have investment that they can borrow in the future. Investing in the Stock market also gives great potential returns. Yes you can get rich in the stock market by doing long term investment. If you invest 5 thousand monthly @ 12% average interest rate, in 20 years you will have 4.89 Million, for 10 thousand investment you will get 9.78 million! Stock investment is risky, all of investment are risky too. Even going abroad is risky.But if you invest long term, you will gain a lot more and retire rich.

Here are the basic tips to minimize the risks in stock investment. Invest small but regularly, invest not trade, invest in big companies and analyze your stock. You can boost your learning curve by leveraging to other people’s knowledge. Don’t wait for years to study and start investing. Invest early so you can come home early. Do you want to know what company to buy and how much you buy and sell them? I invite you to join a club founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez. Join and become a member of Truly Rich Club to learn more about stock market investing. Stock market investing is never been this easy.

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